Our Mission

With ten years of experience in conversational interfaces, from the academic to the enterprise world, we have researched and learnt how voice assistants and chatbots should be built and designed to give real value to users.

The "chatbot" hype created in the past years has been both positive and negative to this field. Positive as the interest in those interfaces has spread. Negative due to misleading expectations, that have been poorly managed, without killer use cases.

Technology has pushed the frontier between what we could do ten years ago and now. It is rapidly moving, leading to considerable advances in the Artificial Intelligence area.

We believe there are many things to improve to make these interfaces (both textual and voice) useful and productive in many situations.

That is the reason why we are building NAIZ.

Carlos and Nieves talking about NAIZ at madrid.city.ai event in Google Campus Madrid.

Who we are

Nieves Ábalos profile image
Nieves Ábalos

Co-Founder & CPO

Carlos Muñoz-Romero profile image.
Carlos Muñoz-Romero

Co-Founder & CTO

Jesús Martín profile image.
Jesús Martín

UX & Conversational Interfaces Designer