report 2017

2017 (v1.0)

Everybody agrees that 2017 was a year full of chatbot conversations. Our research in the field aimed to know how developers build chatbots, and if they give them personality or not.

Our survey asked these main questions:

  • Which tools do you use to create chatbots?
  • In which channels do your chatbot live?
  • Does your 🤖 chatbot have a personality?

Get all the insights from the survey downloading the 2017 report.

Download 2017 report (PDF)
report 2018

2018 (v2.0)

2018 is maybe the year of disillusionment in chatbots. We continued our research from 2017, focusing on tools and how we manage to understand users (or not) and their expectations.

Our survey asked new questions about:

  • Using free-text inputs ✏️
  • Natural Language Understanding tools
  • Understanding user intents: 👤 smalltalk and core functionality
  • Biggest pains of chatbot creators

Get all the insights from the survey downloading the 2018 report.

Download 2018 report (PDF)

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