Why your Chatfuel chatbot is not engaging your users?

Disabled user input: conversations are not lineal

Users want a chatbot to chat. 60% of messages sent to chatbots are free-text inputs and other unstructured data (emojis, stickers, etc.). Navigating through a strict flow of buttons is hard and boring.

To let users write, you will need to understand

Implementing AI rules can be hard and tedious, and maybe you will finish with tons of them. Using a NLU tool (as Dialogflow, is not so easy if you are not used to dev tools and to train models.

20% of your user sentences are related to your functionality

Ok, that's easy. But what do you do if users answers "thank you" or "that is not what I asked" related sentences?

80% of user inputs are out of your scope

What you should do with them? Users are fed up with chatbots answering "Sorry, I don't understand".

Bad experiences = users not returning

Why should your users come back if they are not satisfied with their interactions? Fewer than 10% of Facebook chatbots retain users after 90 days.

Common messages not replied with personality

Answering to "hello", "help" or "thank you" in the same way is artificial. Reply with personality to create real engagement with your users.


Our solution


NAIZ will process the unknown user inputs that your Chatfuel chatbot receives and does not understand: smalltalk utterances out of your chatbot scope.

It creates a more human-like conversation with your Chatfuel chatbot users. All the expressions answered by NAIZ correspond to a personality trait, and they are classified by mood. Want to know more about this?

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Connect your Chatfuel chatbot with NAIZ

dashboard - start with a template


Start with a template

At the “Dashboard”, select an existent personality trait with our templates (friendly, politeness, patience).

dashboard - start with a template


Customize personality information

In “Personality”, customise the template of the personality profile adding relevant information. In the “Profile” area provide your chatbot name, a welcome message, age, location, hobbies and scope (what your chatbot does, in the field “I can help you with”) of your personality. This information will be used by NAIZ to answer the user. In “Traits”, you can also add more personality traits to any template.

personality - add information
personality - add information
expressions - tune answers


Tune personality answers

In “Expressions”, tune the utterances your personality will answer. First, check what user intents NAIZ can understand (smalltalk expressions) and answer (aka NAIZ intents). Then you can add new expressions or edit the expressions loaded by default with the personality trait. A expression is classified by trait, NAIZ intent, mood and type. This is what your personality is going to answer.

expressions - tune answers


Test and adapt

Test your personality in the “Testing area” and tune the NAIZ profile and expressions. You can test it from “Personality” (once you save all the information of your personality) or from “Expressions”.

test and adapt - talk to your personality
test and adapt - talk to your personality
connect to your chatbot - chatfuel


Connect to your chatbot

In “Connections” you connect your personality with an existent chatbot. Follow the instructions to add NAIZ to your Chatfuel chatbot (with your core functionality).

connect to your chatbot - chatfuel


Connect with Chatfuel

Once finished, you will have NAIZ managing all the answers not understood by your Chatfuel chatbot. Contact with us in case you need help to connect NAIZ and Chatfuel.

how to connect NAIZ with chatfuel
how to connect NAIZ with chatfuel
test your NAIZ personality in Facebook Messenger


Test it in Facebook Messenger

Open your chatbot in Facebook Messenger and start a conversation. NAIZ manages the chit-chat between your users and your chatbot in Chatfuel.

test your NAIZ personality in Facebook Messenger

Are you ready?

Create your first NAIZ personality

(*) First personality free, only during our beta.