Don't let your chatbot fail on chatting.

NAIZ will process the unknown user inputs that your chatbot receives and does not understand. It creates a more human-like conversation with your chatbot users.

Personality traits

A personality template contains small talk expressions based on common personality traits: friendly, patience, politeness.


Tune the template adding profile information about your chatbot personality. These details are used in your personality answers.

Chit-chat intents

NAIZ recognises more than 20 different chit-chat intents in English. Those intents will increase as NAIZ learns new expressions.

How can you create your first chatbot personality with NAIZ?


Why should you give a soul to your chatbot?

Personality is the UX for chatbots

Users are fed up trying to discover what to do with this brand-new button-style/text/voice interfaces. If you want to create a great chatbot, you need a personality.

Retention is the key for your chatbot to survive

If your chatbot fails, your users won't come back. Let your user-chatbot relationship last longer than a day.

Engage your users

Give them a chatbot to talk to, they will enjoy using your product in conversational style.

Detect and prevent undesirable situations

Recognise when your users get angry with your service or provide help in physical/mental health problems.

Focus on your core functionality

Copywriting a personality is tedious. Save time focusing on the core functionality in your chatbot, and let NAIZ take care of the rest.

Stop wasting your time

Trying to define AI rules or training a NLU tool to answer every user input is tedious, and it is not enough to create a fluent conversation with your users.


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Where can you use NAIZ?

Use NAIZ everywhere

Right now, NAIZ is available as a layer to connect with other chatbot platforms as Chatfuel or Dialogflow. If you have a chatbot already built, connect with NAIZ and add a personality. We will make another connections available soon.

How to connect with Chatfuel How to connect with Dialogflow

Our main goal is to build a stand-alone product for you to use in any situation. The core technology behind NAIZ will let you use NAIZ in different ways and channels without having to implement your chatbot on other platforms.

Our core technology

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